Welcome to my Personal Website

Hi Everybody! Welcome to my Personal Web Page. Come and visit my page anytime. I will upload new photos as and when I can, to my gallery. You are free to add your comments to my site

I have included links to some of the pages that I made while I was learning web designing. My site also contains interesting tit-bits, which I hope you will enjoy.

I built this site to showcase my webdesigning skills. My intention was to design a site with a very simple interface. The tools which I have used to build this site are html, css, php, mysql and photoshop. I have tested my site on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. I have tried to write valid html and css. I have also tried to use semantic markup as much as possible. I am going on looking for ways to improve the site. I look forward to receiving criticisms from web designers and advice on ways to improve my site.